Hi everyone!

Here is a ‘mini’ recipe for you!

This is my go to dipping sauce for things like chicken, fish, potatoes… just about anything that you can dip. Because the base of this sauce is Greek yogurt it adds a little bit of protein to what ever you are dipping.

This will take you about 2 min to throw together, so it is great when you need a dipping sauce at the last minute.

6 servings

35 calories, 1C, 0F, 6P

Ingredients :

1 1/2 cup Fage total Zero Greek yogurt

2 tsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

1 clove minced garlic

½ tsp Red pepper flakes

1 tsp dried Basil

½ tsp dried oregano


Mix all ingredients in a bow and chill until ready to eat. You can use right away, but if you can let it still for at least 20 minutes the flavors have a chance to develop a little more.